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Stress-Free Horse Transport Guidelines


When spring hits, you will find many people preparing for horse transportation. The the season is suitable and makes horse transport easy. Besides, spring is characterized by numerous activities for horses.  However, before you embark on this venture, you should know that horse transport can trigger some stress. Thus, this is the reason you need to be prepared before you choose to head down this road. If you are aware of the traveling stress, then you can be able to take measures to help minimize their impacts which will ensure that your horse arrives in good shape.


Have a plan


When you are traveling a long distance, you should have a plan on how the venture will take place. An effective plan should have time to be on the road and time to rest. If the horse has been traveling for 12 hours, it means that it is time to rest as the chances are that the muscles of the horse are strained. Keeping this in mind, if you were taking the horse to perform or compete, after long travel, you should give it at least two days to rest. Resting is paramount as it will help in the stabilizing of the blood levels and hormones.


Have enough water for the horse


When traveling on a long journey at this website, it is best to have enough water to keep your horse hydrated Horses are known to get dehydrated when they are traveling, and water will help moderate this condition. Other than water, you can contribute to making sure that the horse is well hydrated by giving it electrolytes, which will also help provide enough energy for the horse to complete the journey. To avoid dealing with dehydration issues, you can also increase the level of electrolyte intake at least a day or two before the traveling day.


Give free access to the hay


Hay acts as a pacifier for traveling horses at and plays a significant role in aiding the animal in retaining water in their gut.  For those using open track, it is best to be cautious as the dust coming from the hay can block the respiratory system of the horse. Wet the grass so that you can reduce the dust and ensure that the horse does not have difficulties feeding.



Get proficient with the loading procedure


Most people do not know this, but loading is one of the most stressful parts of horse travel. You should be well acquainted with the loading procedure. You need both training and practice if you are to master this skill. When you do this, you will have an easy time during the travel.